Our modern lifestyle leaves  us desperate for moments to relax and simply catch our breath.
As a mum of three beautiful yet busy young kids, I get it, and I'd love to help you find moments to pause. I'm a firm believer that through massage and nature's awesome essential oils we can restore our strength and energy benefiting the body, soul and mind.   


Avisha was created from my personal desire to see people come to a place of total health and well-being.



A while ago, I was in a  place of feeling sluggish and exhausted.  Each morning I wondered  how I was going to fit everything into my busy schedule for the day. That all changed when I decided to take control  of my health and well-being and have never felt better. I want the same for you!



Avisha is Hebrew for 'Gift from God'. My Christian faith is the foundation of  Avisha and at the heart of all I am trying to do. The oils are a perfect example of the wonderful gift we have to use as an effective and natural health alternative in our daily lives.



A year ago I was introduced to a wonderful brand of Essential Oils called dōTERRA. Since then I have been using these oils to support my family’s health.   We’ve been blown away by what these oils can do. We now use them for most health niggles, including; minor ailments, headaches, rashes, cuts, bruises, immune support, flu busters, antibacterial sprays, sleep, concentration and more. If you’re surprised by this remember that many medicines were first derived from nature, from simple herbs and plants. And the beauty of it all was that I did not need much knowledge to get started! Did I mention the added benefit of the most amazing fragrances filling your home.



I first  studied massage techniques in 2004  and received accreditation  in Holistic Massage; including the study of Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Lymph Drainage. In 2018 I completed a further course earning an International Diploma in Massage.


My professional training combined with my growing knowledge in Essential oils and aromatherapy, allows me to offer you a tailored massage that meets  your individual needs.


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